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Infonics Solutions is a technology oriented company with focus on providing innovative products and solutions using state of the art embedded systems. Our solution provisioning includes entire life cycle of a product development, starting from conceptual stage to design, development, production and deployment. We believe in pragmatic approach with right blend of technologies including hardware, firmware and system and application level software. With in-house R&D Infonics Solutions has a vision to create world class products for Indian and overseas markets.


Over the past decade at Infonics Solutions we have developed expertise in the areas of Embedded Technologies, Microcontrollers in standalone and networked configurations, complex hardware designs including multilayer PCBs, Ethernet with TCP/IP, Modbus, GSM/GPRS and RF communications. We have build a library of software and hardware modules utilizing wide range of contemporary and legacy microcontrollers from ATMEL AVR architecture to modern 32-Bit Arm Processors of ST Microelectronic, Microchip, Texas Instruments.

We are committed to provide our valued customer the most comprehensive solutions and support from conceptual level to the product deployment in the field. We undertake user specific product developments in the area of home automation, security and industrial automation. Also we produce and market state of the art products developed in house. Research & Development is the kernel of Infonics Solutions. More than 50% of our resources are committed for development of new products and innovations. With in- house R&D the company has a vision to create world class products for Indian and overseas markets meeting the global challenge. Over the years we have developed and marketed more than 200 products thereby supporting MAKE IN INDIA initiative in true spirits.

Areas of expertise developed at Infonics include Embedded Technologies, Microcontrollers in Stand Alone and Networked configurations, Complex Hardware Designs, Industrial Process Control and Automation, Power Electronics, Ethernet and Wireless Communications, TCP/IP, Digital Moving Message Displays, Microprocessor Development Tools etc.

What we do

Our In-house experienced R&D team has a wide scope of development. We have successfully deployed our efforts to provide solutions in various fileds & came out with promising results.

Solar Power Technologies

  • Solar Hybrid Controller
  • Dish Control Unit - Solar Thermal
  • Single Axis PV Tracker
  • Dual Axis PV Tracker
  • Sun Sensors
  • PV String

Medical Instrumentation

  • Automated Control Panel
  • Gas Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Nurse Call System (Wired and Wireless)
  • Operation Theater Control Panel
  • Physiotherapy Devices
  • Electro therapy Devices


  • Parking Counters
  • Parking Ticket Dispenser
  • Multiple Channel Digital I/O Controllers
  • Multiple Channel Analog Controllers
  • RS-485 MODBUS based Controllers and Displays
  • Ethernet (TCP/UDP) based Controllers
  • DC, AC, BLDC, Stepper Motor Controllers

Process Monitoring

  • GSM Gateway(RTU) with Web Interface
  • Weather Station Data Loggers
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • AC Meter (Voltage and Current)
  • DC Energy Meter
  • Battery Monitoring


  • PA Systems
  • RF Controllers
  • Remote Pump Starters
  • IoT

Solar Power

Dish Control Unit (Solar Thermal)

A Solar Thermal system uses a large, reflective, parabolic dish (similar in shape to satellite television dish) to focus all the sunlight, that strikes the dish, up onto a single point above the dish, where a receiver captures the heat and transforms it into a useful form. The advantage of a dish system is that it can achieve higher temperatures due to the higher concentration of light. Higher temperatures lead to better conversion to electricity and the dish system is very efficient on this point.

The most common problems with these dishes are related to the management and movement of the dishes and that is where we step in. Our Dish Control Unit (DCU) is based on advanced 32 bit ARM processor to control the vertical and horizontal rotation as well as management of a solar dish. Our controller performs the most complicated task of tracking the sun as long as appropriate. It takes inputs from a Sun Sensor and also from its Solar Position Algorithm to accurately determine the solar angle and then commands the elevation and azimuth actuators to move the dish. Necessary safety measures are incorporated to protect the dish in adverse weather.

Dish Control Unit

Solar Hybrid Controller

Solar Hybrid Controller is micro controller based smart device for sun tracking when installed in a tree of PV Panels. With axis of tree being perpendicular to the earth surface, the SmarTree controller tracks sun using Solar Position Algorithm. The controller has an efficient BLDC Driver to control 24V BLDC Motor. It requires a Lead Acid battery to Power up and also has Battery charging circuit inbuilt to charge the battery when sufficient solar power is available. A separate PV Panel is required for charging purpose. The controller has all safety features included such as low battery functioning, high current protection etc. Powered by 32 bit micro controller, it is a standalone package performing complex tasks.

Solar Hybrid Controller

PV Tracker (Single & Dual Axis)

Tracking PV Panels has proved better efficiency over Static PV Panels in Power Generation. PVTracker Common Control Unit is a 32 Bit ARM Microcontroller based unit which can control Multiple MDUs (Motor Driver Unit) at a time. CCU has inbuilt Solar positioning algorithm to control and track single and dual axis MDUs.

Each RCU has an inclinometer for positioning and it can control a 12-24V DC Motor for sun tracking. A Combination of Multiple CCUs with MDUs is suitable for Power Generation at large Solar Field.

Additionally a Single Master Controller (MCU) can be installed to control whole field from single point. GSM Gateway can also be installed with MCU to monitor complete Solar Field from any remote place.

Common Control Unit

Medical Instrumentation

Infonics Solutions develop a host of High Tech Medical Instruments and Systems for its Clients. Our Technology has been deployed in many hospitals across India. We are dedicated towards complete controlling and monitoring of hospital systems. All our systems are BMS compatible.

Automated Control Panel (Mainfold)

Digital and Analog ACP Systems developed by us have been deployed in Hospitals across the country. Automated Control Panel (ACP) is a panel attached to 2-4 banks having multiple gas cylinders. As soon as the gas in one bank runs low, it sounds an alarm and switches to the other bank. Specific colored LED lights indicate the bank in use and the bank on standby. The device also indicates whether the gas pressure is normal or low along the banks and the mains. The feature of parallel system is available where multiple displays are placed at different(or floors) which also show the same indicators as in the main System.

Gas Pressure Monitoring Systems

The system measures the pressure of the different gases coming from the pipe lines and indicates the measured levels on the panel in Psi or bar. In case of High Pressure or Low Pressure it gives the relevant Alarm. The alarm shows on the Master Pressure Monitoring System which is placed with the Administration and can also be communicated through SMS (using our GSM Gateway). Digital and Analog Gas Alarm Systems come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7and 8 gas categories where the number indicates the number of gases the system can handle.

Nurse Call System

Nurse Call system acts as an interface between patients and the hospital administration/nurses. The main unit is placed with the administrator and its subordinate ‘Corridor panels’ placed outside every room. The corridor panel is connected to the very compact, easy to handle bed panels which are used by the patients to call the nurse.

Nurse Call System makes the patient administration efficient and greatly simplifies patient care. The patient can press the appropriate button when assistance is required, which will then show on the corridor and main panels. If the nurse is near the room, she will see the corridor panel light and immediately assist the patient. Otherwise, the attendant at the main panel can acknowledge the call, which will light up the LED ‘waiting’ on the bed panel informing the patient his call has been acknowledged. The main panel displays the corridor wise and room wise segregation of panels. Patient bed remote and Toilet Unit can also be integrated

The usual problems associated with installing such systems are extensive and complicated wiring. The usage of single photo cable wiring in Nurse Call System makes sure wiring is easy and not extensive.

Operation Theater Control Panel

The success of any surgical treatment is the absolute priority. It must not be affected by any technical disturbances. Our solution for operating theatres ensures the reliability of the electrical installation. It also provides you with the control of your operating theatre environment. This allows you to focus entirely on the success of your operation.

This panel is used to monitor gas pipeline pressure, indicate elapsed time in operation, day clock, and temperature, humidity values and also control several systems such as operation theaters lights, fans and their speed. Illumination and air conditioning system can be controlled by a relay group on the control panel. Additional accessories and equipment can be added to the panel according to the requirement.



Infonics Solutions main focus is towards automation. We provide multiple products for Automation of Homes, Offices, Industries and what not. Our already developed products has various use in field of automation. We also develop customize products for our clients. We are also active in field of IoT.

Parking Ticket Dispenser and Parking Counters

Under the initiative of Make in India, we have developed Automatic Parking Ticket Dispenser controllers. With use of advanced technology, our controller is capable of automating parkings of Malls, Hospitals, Offices with multiple entries and exits. Our controller provides interface for Thermal Printer, Barcode Scanner, RFID, separate Boom barriers for two wheeler and four wheeler, Camera, LCD and other Input/Output controls. Inbuilt ethernet LAN enables it to get connected and controlled by central server where data can be stored. With option of complete customization from central server, our system is robust and easy to install on different site without need of firmware changes.

Parking Counters for multi-floor parking structure is also provided by us. A remote display can be installed at the entry of parking for displaying current parking availability on different floors. Separate display for each floor can also be installed. Central CPU can be configured easily for the first time which is than capable of counting on its own by using Parking IN/OUT sensors installed and connected to it.

Multiple Channel Digital & Analog Controllers

We develops multiple channel digital and analog controllers in various configuration. like 4DI-4DO, 8DI-8DO-3A, 8DI-1DO etc. Modbus over RS485 is a standard through out our range. We had also developed Ethernet based Digital Controllers. Our controllers provides Opto isolated interface to Inputs and Outputs and are functional over wide range of Input Voltages. Analog Controllers supports industry standard 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, I2C etc. as interface and has high accuracy. Fitted in IP65 Boxes and ease of installation makes these controllers suitable for any requirement from a small scale to large scale automation.


Modbus Controllers & Displays

We have an expertise in the field of Modbus communication protocol and had successfully implemented it over a vast range of products. We had implemented Modbus over RS232, RS485, UDP etc. Most of our products has inbuilt industry standard Modbus protocol running which enables integration of our products in already running systems with ease. P10 LED Module Displays, 7 Segment based Displays, LCDs etc has been successfully designed using Modbus as communication part. We also provide PC Softwares for Modbus devices configurations.

Multi Channel DIO

Motor Controllers

We provide a wide range of Motor Drivers and Controllers. Our expertise is in wide range of motors such as DC, Single Phase AC, 3 Phase AC, Stepper, BLDC etc. Encoders were also incorporated wherever required. We also develops customize drivers for Motors. Our Controllers are smart enough to control motor load current, Power consumption, box temperature, short circuit, speed etc. We had successfully controlled motors of a wide range of power rating from small DIY type motors to large multiple HP motors in Water Pumping with Satrter and what not.

Process Monitoring

GSM Gateway

Remote monitoring is the need of this time. Every one wants to control or monitor devices from their mobile. Our GSM Gateway is designed for this purpose. A powerful 32 Bit ARM controller is the brain of our device. Our Gateway is designed with multiple interface such as RS485, LAN etc in order to get incorporated in any running system. We support both GSM and GPRS for status monitoring. User registration and validation is one of the security feature of our Gateway. A single device is sufficient to control large devices via SMS or GPRS. The Gateway itself has a large memory to capture data in case of offline logging.

Additionally we provide user friendly 24x7 Web Interface and Data Logging over database with user registration. User, once registered, can any time see status of devices from any place using Internet.

GSM Gateway

Data Loggers

Data Loggers are 32 Bit ARM micro controller based devices which will display and log weather data obtained through number of analog and digital inputs. You will find features here for a wide range of users, from novices, to experts. Provided with LCD interface to display and configure parameters. Data logged in the device can be extracted using a Micro SD Card or RS 485. Log file will be generated in CSV format. Enclosed in a DIN 1 industry standard Box, it has 16 x 2 LCD user Interface. Built-in flash memory to hold configurable parameters and Logs and LEDs for status indication are some of its features. A Micro SD Card Slot is provided for Log Extraction in addition to a RS-485 interface for PC Communication. Our Data Loggers are capable to log data from External Humidity & Temperature Sensor, Barometric Pressure, Radiation, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Battery Voltage etc. It has an inbuilt Internal Clock for Time Stamp logging. With support for wide range of sensors, it is best suitable for Data Logging at weather station and industries.

Data Logger

Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Microcontroller based Humidity and Temperature Sensors are also developed by us. All our sensors are high accuracy and easy to install. Enclosed in weather proof boxes, these sensors are suitable for indoor and outdoor purpose. We provide multiple interface for Data output such as display, Modbus, 0-10V and 4-20mA output. Our sensors works over a wide range of temperature from -20 to 120 degrees. A nice sharp look. long life and large input voltage range makes these device ideal of industrial as well as home use.

RHT Modbus Sensor

Heat Tracing Controller

Microcontroller based Smart Heater Temperature Controller developed to control and automate the working of small to large size heaters at industrial level. Each card can control up to 3 heaters monitoring its Temperature using RTD sensor, Load Current via CT and Leak current from 4-20mA of each heater with high accuracy. For user Interface, a 3.5 inch TFT LCD is provided which alone can control up to 5 such card (15 heaters). Easy configuration and interactive display makes this product a high tech device.

Heat Tracing Controller

Some more

Our Team has the capability to undertake any challenging tasks in our field of expertise. We are always eager to work over new design and developments. Over the time we have developed much more products that we can describe. Some of them are:

  • LED Moving Message Displays
  • PA Systems
  • LED Flashers
  • RF based controllers
  • GSM based Water Pump Starters
  • TFT with touch based products
  • IoT related products
  • Breeding Management System
  • & many more...

Our Team

Our team of motivated and committed engineers and technicians is lead by Dr. Surendra Pal with over 30 years of experience in Space Technologies, Computer Networking, Internet Technologies and their deployment for wide range of IT applications.


We are team-oriented and are highly skilled in our area of expertise. We are firmly committed to your professional growth, personal satisfaction and overall well being. We've built a team of intelligent, dedicated and passionate individuals. We don't just work for a living, we work for a sense of accomplishment resulting "Success Sharing" and giving tangible and intangible benefits to all.

* We always look for Engineers and Technicians who have an aptitude for R&D. If you are interested in joining our Company then send us your CV at

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